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In All your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path!

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Activate Your Armor

Another strong word from the Lord!!! If you would like to join my Facebook group, here is the link: Mountain Movers Deliverance Ministry | Facebook

From Blogger to Vlogger

I have been writing regularly since 2012. But now I sense the Lord desiring me to make videos. This is my first attempt to reach out to others through Vlogging, which means video blogging. I am not a great and eloquent speaker. But if God can use Moses He can use me as well. IContinue reading “From Blogger to Vlogger”

My Jesus…

You are not a dead god! Your body and blood didn’t turn to dust like mere man would have. You did not die. There were many witnesses! YOU ascended to the right hand of our Abba Father in heaven. You are the Son of God and we are your brothers and sisters in Christ. ThereContinue reading “My Jesus…”

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