Beyond Broke

I believe that there may be someone at the end of your rope. You do not think you have any reason to go on any further with your life…You have lost all hope and faith in your Creator. At one point it seemed as if you had it all, and you didn’t think anything could topple you over but you were wrong. Here you are right in this moment… “sitting in the ashes” of a divorce, death, an illness, job loss,financial strain, etc.  It can be anything that has turned on you.  The hand of destruction has taken its toil on your soul… You come to the end of your rope…on your last penny…and can not take anymore.  You cannot handle the attacks and the enemy harassing you any longer. You do not have any fight left over…

     You may be wondering why you are still here in the first place, and you may not even want to live anymore.  You are seriously thinking of giving it all up, going back into the world’s ways and worldly views.  You cannot find the strength to go on any further…

     I can tell you right now, it’s not worth it to give up on God. He loves you sooo much and will never give up on you no matter what. Jesus loves you with a everlasting love, even when you feel hatred all around you in every place..sitting in the ashes of all you ever had. Everything has destructed around you. You are here but very alone and beyond broken.

The Lord has set this appointed time for you to call out to him, not curse the day you were born, nor curse God.  Now is the time to get on your knees…have you even thought of giving your whole heart to God? HE does not desire a little bit, or even a half, HE desires your WHOLE HEART. Is it that time for you to really CRY OUT to HIM? It is okay to cry, its not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of letting go…of that last penny and letting God have complete control.

If you are going to fall, why not fall into the hands of the living God? He is more than able to CATCH you, but you must stay as close to him as you are able to. Walk with Him and talk with Him let him take your weary heart and lay your burdens down in His Presence!!! HE has broken down every wall, and has given you great peace…

     I  heard  the Father in Heaven saying, “Do not give in or give up, I am able to restore the joy of your salvation, letting go of the rope, every burden and every anxiety…Let it go!!!

     This is only the end of a season of time for you. You have grieved and lamented long enough… The Lord has brought you to this low point to raise you back up in HIM…For HE is going to raise you up.   “Those who have cried along with God’s servant Job in the HOLY scriptures.” The devil has had permission to sift your life as wheat, but now just now, He has been limited by God to not strike you any further. Satan can take away everything, but the enemy of your soul cannot take who you are and what you have in God. You have been delivered, just walk in the joy of JESUS!

     Now is the time to allow the Father in heaven to sooth your soul, now is the time for His Spirit to rise up to move through your life once more, the Lord has you in a place where He is reworking things in your heart, repairing those broken areas. Those weak areas will sing out that they are strong in the strength of the Lord! DON’T GIVE UP. the best is yet to come!!!

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Broke

  1. I have been at the point of despair. I wanted to give up, but praise God, I had enough sense to cry out to God. My life was a mess. I told God I didn’t want to go on anymore. He heard me. As soon as I said His name, it was as if He wrapped His arms around me, kissed me and said, “Could you make it if I stay with you?” I said, “I guess so.” I picked up my Bible and started reading. Every word spoke to my broken heart. I began to pray. At first all I could say was, “Thank you Jesus.” I said it over and over, so thankful for that God of the universe loved even me.

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