Knowing Jesus Now

This is my first posting. I started steadily blogging in 2012 with one paragraph postings. What transpired over the years were many inspirational writings of the Holy Spirit from my heart and hopefully to your heart. I never claimed to be perfect. but I wanted my readers to know the Jesus that I knew. and now hence My newest blog venture in “Knowing Jesus now!”

God has put in my heart a desire to proclaim Jesus Christ through my writings. I am certain that this is the reason that God created me because of my passion for Him exceeds my capacity. I am not a prolific public speaker. When I am writing, God is able to express what He desires to say through me. I am in my element, and I believe that writing is what I am here on this earth for and my purpose in knowing Him intimately for you to what Jesus can do for you now.

Lets get to know Him now…The power of His love and suffering…to know His resurrection power and how it overflows into our lives as Spirit-filled believers of Jesus Christ.

I would love to connect with other believers around the world. I would like to see us grow and develop through our love in getting to know Jesus. Its not just for my growth, but to share with you in Jesus from glory to glory!!

Are you ready to join me in this journey in knowing Jesus even more intimately? Let’s do this!

My dear Jesus, I dedicate this new blog site to you. Stamp the approval of Your sweet and Holy Spirit upon each Word. Bring life and beauty and help us to get to know you more with your wonderful Words of life! Amen!!!



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freelance Christian writer and blogger

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