HIS Glory with Shine Through YOU

I see you as My child, and I delight in you. I will never pick a favorite. For you are all My Special Treasures that I have handpicked and crafted and created you in my image and likeness. There is no one above you in my Kingdom for you are all my servants.

There is none insignificant nor inferior in My Kingdom. Please do not feel that way. There are none broken that my glory will not shine through, and I will make you whole. We are all different parts of the body of Christ. We all cannot be the same part.

We should not covet a greater part of the body of Christ. God has made us special in our own way to be used in the service of His Kingdom. We are all kings and priests in the spiritual realm of the Kingdom of God. There are no underdogs or under achievers in God’s eyes.

Do not allow the enemy to make you feel inferior or less than any other believer. We are all struggling whether we are showing it on not. The Father sees us all as equal. We were all sinners saved by God’s grace. There should be no pride or competition in God’s Kingdom. We all have one enemy that aims to bring us down.

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4 thoughts on “HIS Glory with Shine Through YOU

  1. That’s true. My package of gifts have their place though different than all others. My package of gifts would do more good if I had my sister’s energy. I don’t want her not ot have it but it would be nice if she would share. Thank you for your inisght. I’m joking about my sister sort of.

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  2. I think I know what you mean…Some of our siblings do have more energy. I think I would rather sit at the feet of Jesus and worship anytime. Thats a precious gift within itself. That goes for our other bro’s and sisters. We dont want to burn out. God bless you and thank you! Blessings, Richard


    1. Yes it does feel incredible. It is a true act of giving where God shines so bright that we are touched by His Glory as We use those gifts. πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ’™


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