Spending time with God before Sleep

I have always been taught to have my time with God at the beginning of the day, and for the most part I do that. I do bible reading, prayer and devotional reading. I probably spend a hour when I wake up on good mornings. Somedays I don’t spend the mornings with Jesus like I should and pay for not spending that hour with the Lord…

But I rarely if any thing do not prepare for the night season by spending time with GOD before I go to bed. I truly believe that if you can spend a hour in the mornings with the Lord then you need to cut off everything a hour before bed and spend time with Jesus…and that is my new goal, and I challenge to do the same if you don’t. Try it for 30 days and get back to me and let me know how it goes!

So I want to take this 30 day challenge! Are you up to it?? I just want to encourage you who read my blog to cut off all social interaction with media of any kind one hour before you go to bed. Cut off the television and cut off your phone.

I do a audio bible and read along in the mornings on my phone…but there is something supernatural about opening up a actual Bible and reading God’s word for yourself. I would say read and absorb as much as you can before you pray and fall sleep. There is a scripture that I firmly stand on when it comes to reading the word. Ephesians 5:26 says we are cleaned by the washing of the water by the word. Allow the Word to wash our hearts! Read until you feel clean!!!

Another thing is that we are vulnerable to attacks from the enemy in our sleep. He can give us evil dreams and torment us in the night. One way to turn our night season over to GOD, is to read the Bible before your go to sleep, and to be sure rebuke the enemy from our night season and your dreams and visons during the night. I am a firm believer that GOD can speak to us through our dreams by the Holy Spirit.

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