Merry Christmas 2020

This is my virtual Christmas card for each of my friends. I know 2020 has not been a good year for some. Some have experienced loss and grief. Some have experienced the fear of dying and have isolated the best they could have done to avoid that happening.

My prayer for each of you is that the joy and peace of Christmas will never fade nor dim in your hearts. Now is the best time to put all your faith in Jesus. No more fence stradling. You are not really serving God if you have one foot in the ways of the world and one foot in the church.

I believe the greatest lesson we can learn year is if that our faith is placed in a church building as a place to go and congregate, then we really have it wrong. The grand meeting place is in our hearts. Have you made a place for baby Jesus in your heart this year. Yes He was crucified and died a gruesome death. But all in all it is receiving baby Jesus in our hearts in childlike faith.

My prayer is that through everything that has happened this year, your faith is still on fire and not dampened by worldliness. Our faith once tested will come forth as gold, frankincense and myrrh…a stronger anointing to serve Jesus with a passion that stirs us to give Him our whole heart and not just a part. We cannot halfheartedly serve Him.

I pray that you are stirred within your heart to experience all that the Holy Spirit has for you. His gift of grace is truly wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger. Seek The Christ child and may HE be birthed in your hearts this year.

…And as far as we bring in the New Year 2021, I pray we enter in with thankful hearts full of love and peace! We were spared by His grace to live another year. We are truly in the last days, its a exciting time to be alive. Its time to live out loud and not crawl under a rock. Its time to get creative in proclaiming the message of God’s great grace!

Merry Christmas!!

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