Holiday Blah’s?

I am not sure why, but especially around the holiday season life can be very depressing. Our emotions can be at a all time high and we wind up snapping. Some would call it seasonal depression and rightly so, we are triggered during the holiday season. Our finances are stretched to the max and there can be lots of reasons to be sad during Christmas. What causes all this caous? Animosity in the home can hit all time high. The holidays can be a rough time for some of us whether we admit it or not.

We need to be refueled daily coming to Jesus as we are. We should allow His very essence to energize us. He is alive in us and not dead. We are going to have days that will be tough. Now is the time to get with HIM as we allow His Spirit to rejuvenate our mind and hearts to move onward and upward in our calling.

You cannot run a car on a empty tank. It will stop on you and quit running. Our heart is similar. How do we refuel it? Ever felt like you are running on empty? I know I have! More times than I care to admit. We all have ran on empty and experienced ultimate burnout!

We have to get with Jesus and make time for him! Even Jesus had to get away and experience refreshment. Even more so with us to be filled with all of Him that we possibly can! He can fill us with His Holy Spirit….give us that passionate energy to plug into His very Presence!!!

Maybe you are feeling the holidays blah’s, or blues are whatever you wish to call it. Maybe Christmas is over for you, family is gone and you are all alone again and you are really feeling despondent. Jesus still cares about you and wants to recharge you to make it through the day! Your life is by far not over! Always remember all it takes is for you to get away with Jesus and let Him fill you up!! He desires that for you, and for you to walk in that same anointing that HE walked in! Let His presence lead you to springs of Living Waters this day in Jesus name!!!

Published by richt57

freelance Christian writer and blogger

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