Its Time to Apply Some Grace

It is the last day of the year 2020, and we are about to embark on 2021, a brand new year for each of us. One thing I am hearing is that following Jesus is much much more than being religious. Its much more than following a list of do’s and don’ts. Not keeping that list is going to make you feel like a failure, that you failed GOD, and you just throw in the towel and not serve GOD any longer. Maybe you failed at reading the bible and praying everyday in your goals in this last year Does that make you a bad Christian? We could set up a list and fail miserably at getting the list done. I am not saying that goals are wrong. Goals are good in moderation. Allow the Holy Spirit be the deciding factor and obey HIM!

What does make us a bad Christian if we fail miserable at a list of rules and regulations? It doesnt! Its high time we learn to apply some grace!

How many of you can say that you read and pray everyday and do not get distracted procrastinating those things until a later time, then your whirlwind of the day begins and you do not spend that precious time with GOD.

We can still go to church every Sunday and be a bitter and angry person. We can put on one face at church but then another face on around our family or even when we are alone.

What is more important is the condition of your soul. Where is your heart at? Take this time to do some soul searching. Look at those areas that is not so Christlike and surrender those areas to the HOLY SPIRIT… He does see those areas where you are strong, he wants to make those weak areas to sing out that they are strong in the strength of the Lord Jesus. That being said its time to again apply some grace.

You can follow a religion that says you are not good enough. Religion says you can live like hell during the week and then put on your poker face on Sunday services at church. Being a Christian is not living a lie but proclaiming the truth in the actions of your life…not only being a hearer but a doer of the word of GOD! God’s grace is much more than a religious coat that you put on a around others in pride and arrogance. Its the anointing of God Holy Spirit that enables us to have a holy relationship with Jesus Christ. It is NOT about religious!

I guess I will never be able to get away from proclaiming what GOD’s grace has done for me. For it has opened the door and set this captive free. I have been bound in being religious and being a hypocrite in my past.

For me, and I hope its the same for you, and this writing is not in vain in this new year its high time to apply that grace anointing to our lives. Get in that river that never runs dry. Let it wash away all that hinders you from giving your one hundred percent to GOD. He deserves it don’t you think?

Father in Heaven, Help us to apply your grace anointing to all wounds, help us to put being religious out of the way and help us to walk in that light of the gospel of Your grace Grace, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

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