Knowing Jesus Now!!!

Help us to know you more Jesus and not hold back but to be teachable in your sight! There is so much He wants to teach us by His Holy Spirit and one of the biggest lessons for me is hearing GOD’S voice. There are many voices that vie for our attention each day. The flesh has a voice!!! We have to keenly discern and submit fully to the voice of GOD each day in our lives and not the voice of our carnal nature…How can we be taught of GOD if we do not daily listen to the ultimate teacher, our Helper the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

I have really struggled with hearing the voice of GOD over the years especially dealing with a mental illness where you have many voices at time. It can be really exhausting at times, and very easy to tune into other voices in times of lethargy and laziness….especially the flesh. I can tell you that the flesh does NOT want you to submit to the HOLY SPIRIT!!! It doesnt want you to experience freedom and wholeness.

Jesus is the only person who can give us a clean heart as you submit fully to HIM. Yield to HIM and listen for His voice through the HOLY SPIRIT!!! Always remember that the HOLY Spirit takes a back seat to give all the glory to Jesus. When you listen to the flesh it is all about yourself. ME!!! ME!!! It wants all the attention, it can make you lull and dull listening to the flesh at all times. Very carnal.

Now is the time to break through the flesh by focusing on Jesus and worshiping HIM! Get into the word of GOD and read until you are clean!!! Plead the blood of Jesus and pray in the SPIRIT, and ask GOD to forgive you for listening to your carnal nature!!! Its time to break free of controlling spirits that keep you bound to the flesh. The Holy Word of God says to submit to GOD, resist the devil and HE will flee. That old snake cannot stay in a clean and pure places of our heart. Expose him to the LIGHT of JESUS!!! Do not allow the devil to get a foothold but give JESUS all your heart.

Its time to bow and sit at the feet of Jesus and pour all your heart out to HIM, He will not pass you by nor forsake your heartfelt cries unto HIM. HE will draw very near…He so longs to have a intimate relatioship with you. Do not allow the flesh rule over you but BE FREE in the HOLY SPIRIT! His voice will teach you and allow it to lead you to know Jesus more!!!

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