Finding Forgiveness

Man praying by a cross as the setting sun light up the clouds.

No matter what you are dealing with today Jesus wants to meet you at the altar in His presence. It does not matter what you have done, what sins you have committed He desires you to come as you are…He is calling out for you….it does not have to be at the end of yourself…at the end of your rope, He is the hope for the hopeless. He extends His hands to help you back up.

He longs to wash you in the blood of Jesus and cleanse you from all sin. I John says He will forgive from all unrightousness! Just not some sin but all!!!

Our guilt keeps us from accepting God’s forgiveness. We don’t feel worthy of it but serve a faithful and forgiving high priest who was tempted in the same way we were….Yet Yeshua did not fall into sin…He comes to aid us and enable us to rise above those sins that would entangle us….But even when we do sin, He is waiting to forgive us. He does not question if he needs to forgive us or not, if we sincerely come to him He just does!!! Praise GOD.

Now our guilty conscious that the enemy is well aware of our fall into sin will be there to constantly remind us of our wrongdoing. He will attempt to make us think we will never be forgiven….Keeping us in a state of condemnation.

We can serve God with a clear conscious…Amen?!! He hates our sin but he loves us immensely and desires to lavish His blessed loving Presence in and over our lives. He just wants us to come and ask Him humbly to forgive and cleanse our sin.

It doesn’t matter who you are reading this today. Let Jesus come into your heart today…He will lead you and help you by His Holy Spirit!!!

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freelance Christian writer and blogger

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