I have a Friend…

Jesus, oh what a friend he could be if we would just let go and not see him as a harsh ruler and judge! He is the lion of Judah and so desires to lavish his promises upon us and bless our lives. He came upon this earth full of grace and truth. Now he wants to be your friend right where you are right, for that is exactly where HE is. He so wants to come into your heart and commune with you. Do you hear HIM knocking into that sacred place of your heart where you do not let just anyone abide?

Maybe you are like me, you have learned just to not let anyone in. You been hurt and your trust misplaced. Jesus wants to be more than a friend. When no one else can keep their promises to you to be faithful. He will be there for you where no one else can fill those shoes as a faithful friend! You have been distraught because you put your faith in someone who has let you down…They have stepped all over your feelings. Jesus can mend and heal those areas that are hurt and broken. He will not run away when things get tough. HE is right there interceding for you to our ABBA father in heaven! HE will be there for you as a Savior plus a friendship that goes so deep that you ever imagines…He will go that extra mile and stay with you no matter what. He will bandage those hurting wounds…

I can understand that hurts go really deep. Betrayal can strip us. We feel naked and laid bare with our faith so damaged on that road called life. We do not know where to turn to. The world will offer only temporary satisfaction. We will always search for something lasting and true that only Jesus can give. Jesus will be that good Samaritan for you, you have been damaged…Allow him to heal you and in return you will help those heal right where you are. Don’t run and hide Jesus cares and his arms are open wide! HE loves you and that love will never go away, it is a everlasting love that HE desires to lavish upon you. He will pour on that holy ointment and bandage all those wounds. He is a healer and will heal your heart if you will let him just love you. HE is a freind that is closer than a brother….

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freelance Christian writer and blogger

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