Just Be Ready!!!

Every day that you wake up is my gift to you in this world. I am your purpose and reason to get up in the mornings through out all your whole day! For I have plans for you, be patient with me. In my timing I will use you greatly in my Kingdom, Just be ready! Stay vigilant in My Word and abide in My grace!!!

You do not want to lay down and let sin take control of your life. Do not walk in defeat but rise up and allow My Spirit to talk control. It is time for you to rise above the ashes and let me rebuild your life.

I want to clothe you in garments of praise, take off that heaviness. I will change your very personality as you lean on My Holy Spirit inside you…I will give you joy, it will bubble up in your personality.

Let every weight and burden fall in its place, and that is not on you. Some of you have carried the weight of your sin because you felt as if that guilt was your duty or task. I am that burden bearer….I carried your sins to that cross. I became that sin and crucified that great weight and died in your sin so that when you come completely to me giving those sins to me I take them off of you and free you from all sin and death!!!

Come to me right now and give me your heart and soul. It does not take but one step in my direction. Take the initiative to talk that step, its not that difficult! You are a overcomer. As you humble your heart in My presence and allow My Spirit to raise you up, you will do great things! Just be ready!!!

Published by richt57

freelance Christian writer and blogger

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