Letting GO

It is time to let GO… For I am with you and I will carry you through those tough times. Those times you do not have the strength to carry on. Trust me, and I will do this for you. I have not made you to be alone. Forever you are mine and I am yours.

For this current world is plagued as in the days of Moses. Mental and physical illnesses are at a all time high. What will it take for you to come to ME with a humble and repentant hearts? These days are only the birth pangs of greater destruction and even worse plagues. Get rid of all pride and stubbornness. Submit to ME, and resist the enemy of your soul. He has no choice to flee from those who have hearts submitted to the HOLY SPIRIT.

I desire to give you good things…hope, peace and joy and love. All these things I freely give in my overflowing grace. For the enemy of your soul desires to take these things from you and your very life. He wants to bring destruction. I want you to be happy in ME alone.

For nothing shall separate you from MY love. The enemy would like to make you think He can separate us. Its his supreme goal. If he can screw with your thinking….Do not give the devil that power over your mind. IF you give him a inch he will take a foot. Just do not give him that opportunity. Give ME your whole mind, Your mind has been redeemed by MY BLOOD!

Published by richt57

freelance Christian writer and blogger

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