Just Another Religion??

As a Believer in Jesus, God has given us the victory over the power of darkness. Jesus is the light of the world and has overcome every sin and so will we, if we just abide in His Holy Spirit.   When He arose from the dead, in Christ we arose with him through His mighty power. HE put to death the deeds of sin and so did we. We all are winners in Jesus Christ.  We live and exists as believers in the Holy Spirit’s resurrection power!!!

Living this Christian life was never supposed to be easy, we are flesh and blood and we do fall into sin. Thanks be to GOD that by the blood of Jesus we are made clean and pure before HIM.

He was the Lamb of God slain for the whole world. Once and for all not repeatedly!!! In the old covenant there had to be a sacrifice for all sin. By the blood of the new covenant Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for our sin!!

We abide in the new Life by walking in the revelation knowledge of this grace!!! Hallelujah the veil was ripped in two we can enter in the Most Holy Place by crucifying the flesh!!!! Only by applying and appropriating the blood of the sacrificial lamb can we approach GOD on His mercy seat!!!  When the Lord spoke the law to Moses on the Mt. Sinai, no one could even touch the mountain lest he or she die!!!! Not even a animal could touch it or venture to climb it.

Its important to know whose we are and where we stand in this life. Im here to tell you if you are not a believer there is no middle ground. IF you don’t choose Jesus soon…I shudder to think there is people out there who hate GOD and Jesus!!!  Some think the Holy Bible is just a book some men wrote attempting to being rules and order to the world system?? Just another religion you say??

Here and now could be your chance to give your heart to Jesus. Is He knocking on your heart and how long have you left HIM standing there. It is just a simple prayer to let Jesus into your soul. Its not that hard. He will never push the issue. You have a free will we all do. we have a choice to serve GOD everyday! No Christian is perfect but We serve a perfect and forgiving GOD…Amen? Amen!!

Will you let Jesus into your heart today? Say simple this Prayer: Jesus I open the door to my heart today. Please come in and forgive me of all My Sin and cleanse my soul. Give my a new heart and help me to serve you with all my heart, in your holy name, Amen

Published by richt57

freelance Christian writer and blogger

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