My Jesus…

You are not a dead god! Your body and blood didn’t turn to dust like mere man would have. You did not die. There were many witnesses! YOU ascended to the right hand of our Abba Father in heaven. You are the Son of God and we are your brothers and sisters in Christ. There is none like you Jesus you are Savior and Lord…yes you are Master over the wind and the waves!!!

What can we do to make a impact in this world oh Jesus! We call out to you take away all our doubts and fears and help us to walk in boldness right now from this moment on! That is our hearts cry. We don’t bow our knees to a virus!!! We don’t allow the enemy to dictate or define us….we walk in the anointing that can only be given to us by Your Holy Spirit!!! We do NOT walk in fear but walk in the supernatural footsteps of you Jesus on this earth. Not by might, nor my power, but by the Spirit of the Living GOD!!!!

“My beloved brothers and sisters, I see and hear your hearts cry and will deliver you as you apply and appropriate the living flow….My blood reaches through the dark pit and pulls you out of the mire and mud, for it washes you spotless of all stains of sin. Behold my anointing that breaks the yoke of sin from you has come forth. Many have carried heavy yokes are being set free by the power of my glory to shine though you to a lost and dying world. I grant you my courage and the boldness of a lion. Do not fear not be afraid but boldly go where no man can go and set the captives free!!! I love you and desire you to be overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and word of your testimony.”

We love you Jesus because you first loved us. We worship and praise you, and come before your throne today as we proclaim that Jesus is alive, and If HE is alive then His blood is too. For Jesus reaches to where we are and cleanses our hearts as new as the freshly fallen snow!!!

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freelance Christian writer and blogger

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